Candidacy for NRNA Thailand Election by 1st August

Dear  Registered Members of NRNA Thailand (Voters),

Please see the links of Aplication form below to file the candidacy of National Coordination Council of NRNA Thailand any of the following 16 positions.

1. President – 1

2. Vice President – 5

3. General Secretary – 1

4. Secretary – 1

5. Joint Secretary – 1

4. Treasurer – 1

5.  Women Coordinator – 1

6. Youth Coordinator – 1

7. EC Members – 3

8. ICC Member – 1


According to NRNA Thailand Constitution, to be eligible for the President, Vice President, General Secretary, Secretary & Treasurer and ICC Member, one should have completed one full term in any of NRNA Thailand or ICC committees previously. Please download the following Application  Form (available in PDF and DOC format) and submit to Election Commission via

Application for Candidacy_NRNA Thailand(PDF)

Application for Candidacy_NRNA Thailand (DOC)

As you see in the form. ICC Member and Office Bearers’ ( President, Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary) candidates have to pay 1000 Thai Baht and other candidates have to pay 500 Thai Baht to NRNA Thailand’s account at  Kasikorn Bank A/C No: 0073878586 A/C Name: (Joint  in the name of President, General Secretary and Treasurer). The slip of the deposition has to be attached  while submitting the application.

As stated in the application form each candidate has to have one seconder and one proposer from the voter list to complete the application.  For voter list you can go to the link below:

NRNA Thailand Voter List_2017

The deadline to submit the candidacy is 1st August, 2017. 


Sharad Neupane
Prof. Rajendra Shrestha
Madan Bandhu Regmi
National Election Commission
NRNA Thailand






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