NRNA Thailand 7th General Assembly Utterly Successful

Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) Thailand’s 7th National General Assembly has been successfully held in the presence of representatives from Thai Government and Nepal Government at Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand on Sunday 6th August 2017.

20776617_1878455115808368_4852052012859694228_oNRNA Thailand Patron Ven Dr. Anil Sakya blessed the 7th National General Assembly of NRNA Thailand saying the Non-Resident Nepal Association (NRNA) not to be someone like “No Ring No Answer.” NRNA should stand and dedicate for well-being of all Nepalis in Thailand and sacrifice for all Nepalis with communal interest.


During the opening ceremony of the General Assembly, Asst. Vice President of CPN group Krit Kunplin, Honorary Consul of Nepal to Phuket Ajarn Pranee Sakulpipat and President of Namo Budhaya Group Aphinita Chaichana were honored by offering Token of Love, Nepali Gift and Khada (Special Scarf) by Ambassador of Nepal Dr. Khaga Nath Adhikari, Senior Officer from Thailand Ministry of Culture Ms. Chatabut Neelarattanon and NRNA Thailand President Ajarn Khagendra Raj Dhakal.

S__13394765_600x399Honored Consul of Nepal Pranee Sakulpipat has been contributing an office and a staff to Consulate office in Phuket and also playing the role of Patron to Southern Regional Committee of NRNA Thailand. Well respected social leader Pranee has been working to Promote Nepal in Thailand for several years.

20621759_351190165315035_5906096273744826516_nSimilarly Krit Kunplin has helped Nepal via NRNA Thailand through many events such as Nepal Festival program at Central world, Thailand, Nepal Friendship Reception , Fans of Nepal Dinner Program and Nepal Earthquake Memorial Program. Also he has donated all the revenue from his best seller book ‘Everest Basecamp’ that has contributed to Civil Scholarship project NRNA has newly set up in Nepal to award scholarships to students from Grade VIII to Grade XII.

Likewise, Aphinita Chaichana had channelized several social and Buddhist organizations to volunteer for the programs of NRNA Thailand, importantly Nepal Festival event that was held for 5 days at the largest shopping center of Thailand Central world in April 2016.

20616801_10214058768007101_6267562137013183616_oNRNA also presented the token of love and antique handmade window from Nepal as a gift to the Ministry of Culture of Thailand for their support to NRNA Thailand. It was remembered that Culture Minister of Thailand had opened the Nepal Festival earlier in 2016 organized by NRNA Thailand at Central World.

All honored Thai friends of Nepal expressed their desire to work further with NRNA Thailand for the mutual benefits of Nepali and Thai people and celebrate the common values.

Addressing the General Assembly, NRNA Thailand President Dhakal said the honored 3 personalities were great friends and fans of Nepal and the honor is to acknowledge their unconditional support to Nepal and Nepalese community in Thailand.

20638314_10210169525057330_2206528337225694317_nAmbassador Adhikari thanked NRNA Thailand for honoring those people and praised their contribution during his address to the NRNA Thailand General Assembly. Ambassador shared the pleasant stories of working with NRNA Thailand in the leadership  of Dhakal for past 4 years with remarkable achievement.

NRNA Thailand President Dhakal also said that in past 4 years NRNA was able to bring Thailand-Nepal Friendship and cooperation to next level. He said from the Royalties to general Thai people have showed the kindness and love to Nepali community by granting their presence and support to NRNA Thailand’s different programs. He highlighted 6 areas where NRNA Thailand made a visible contribution in past 4 years

  • Nepal’s Economic Diplomacy
  • Bilateral Friendship & Cooperation between Thailand and Nepal
  • Community Interest Preservation and Protection
  • Preservation of Nepali Culture and Language
  • Skill, Knowledge & Innovation Transfer
  • Short & Long-term Charity Projects
  • Sustainable Institutional Development

During the same event Ambassador Adhikari congratulated NRNA Thailand President Dhakal for his successful two terms and appreciated the great contribution of NRNA Thailand towards Nepal’s Economic Diplomacy. He also urged all people of Nepali origin to be a member of NRNA that is an umbrella organisation of Nepali diaspora.

Cultural Officer, International Relation Bureau, Ministry of Culture of Thailand, Ms. Chatabut Neelarattanon also graced the 7th National general assembly thanked NRNA Thailand President for working towards deepening the relationship and cooperation between Nepal and Thailand.

20663632_351190248648360_6011625418032367294_nAs a special guest Deputy Regional Coordinator of Asia-Pacific Region in NRNA Krishna Pandey said NRNA is the umbrella organization of more than 6 million Nepalese living outside Nepal and it has country offices in 76 countries all over the world. He claimed that it has made a huge impact in the socio economic development of Nepal. He congratulated NRNA Thailand President Dhakal and his team for launching Civil Scholarship Fund for disadvantaged children of Nepal and leading a group of 40 engineering volunteers from 25 countries for Laprak Project where NRNA is building a model village of 573 houses.


During the opening ceremony following personalities graced the 7th general Assembly with the best wishes. NRNA Thailand’s Skill, Knowledge & Innovation (SKI) Task Force Chair & Dean of AIT Prof. Rajendra Shrestha disclosed that in the near future SKI team would announce its programs to help Nepal. Few months back NRNA Thailand had formed SKI team. He was of the opinion that NRNA Thailand’s past few years activities have created itself as a forum where all types of professionals , experts and business people can work together. SkI team members Dr. Bishwo Nath Tiwari, Dr. Shobhakar Dhakal, Dr. Anil Kumar Anal and Dr. Gyanendra Sthapit were also present in the general assembly.

S__4956167_600x399-600x399Similarly, NRNA ICC Member and Thai Nepali Sangh President Kumar Karki, NRNA Thailand Former President of NRNA Thailand Manoj Rana. NRNA Thailand Patron David Khanal, Thai Nepal Chamber of Commerce (TNCC) Secretary Sutham Sachaphimukh, Kirat Chumlung Thailand President & NRNA Thailand Advisor Bharti Limbu and AIT Nepali Samaj President Susmita Neupane expressed their best wishes for NRNA Thailand’s general assembly and vowed to continue support to NRNA Thailand in the future too. Also the best wishes message from NRNA Thailand Founder President Ramesh Shrestha and Former President Ramesh Hamal’s were passed to the assembly.

20664957_351189961981722_5557931422372979785_nThe general assembly was applauded for the many cultural performances presented by different local community organizations such as Thai Nepali Samaj, Kirat Chumlung & AIT Nepal Samaj .

20170806_184620During the general assembly session, NRNA Thailand President Prof. Khagendra Raj Dhakal, General Secretray Rabi Maharjan and Treasurer Kanchha Gurung (Gabo) presented the progress report of NRNA Thailand in past 2 years (2015-2017) that were unanimously approved by the assembly.

Similarly a panel discussion by the coordinators and secretaries of 3 regional committees was conducted and the conclusion was to socially respond to the increasing human smuggling, financial crimes, anti social activities involving Nepali people and suggested to draw the attention of Nepal Embassy and concerned authorities towards that.

General Assembly was able to elect an executive member for International Board of NRNA and 15 members for Thailand Team for term 2017-2019 as follows:

SN. Name Position Committees
# Khagendra Raj Dhakal Executive Member NRNA International Coordination Council
1. Assajita Awale President National Coordination Council, Thailand
2. Bhabindra Basnet Vice President
3. Mahendra Shrestha Vice President
4. Sakoed Rama Vice President
5. Sangkar Adhikari Vice President
6. Subindra K. Rai Vice President
7. Rabi Maharjan General Secretary
8. Kanchha Gurung Treasurer
9. Jaswani Rajyalaxmi Rana Secretary
10. Kesu Raj Acharya Joint Secretary
11. Megha Chand Women Coordinator
12. Shreehari Acharya Youth Coordinator
13. Subash Thapa EC Member
14 Karma Gurung EC Member
15 Atish K. Shrestha EC Member


20664866_351189928648392_5260259924653194359_nThe elected candidates were provided with the certificates by National Election Commission of NRNA Thailand that consisted of Sharad Neupane, Prof. Rajendra Shrestha & Madan Bandhu Regmi. Deputy Regional Coordinator of Asia Pacific Region Krishna Pandey officiated the oath of office to the winners.

20663680_10210169525537342_9131203693402384151_nEarlier 4 executive members were elected for National Coordination Council through NRNA Thailand 3 regional committees. From Central Region (Bangkok and around) Coordinator Dilli Gyawali and Secretary Robin Subedi from South Region (Phuket and around) Coordinator Prem Danai and from North Region (Chiangmai) Corodinator Lhakpa Sherpa.

20622252_351191168648268_5731138364280165545_nDuring the closing ceremony of the General Assembly, NRNA Thailand President Prof Dhakal thanked all Thai authorities, Nepal Embassy, Thai community organizations /individuals, Thai Nepal Chamber of Commerce, Thai Nepali Sangh, Kirat Chumlung, AIT Nepali Samaj, Nepal Airlines and all Bangkok based Nepali professionals and businessmen for supporting his leadership for past 4 years. He also thanked his own Patron Council, NCC Colleagues, RCCs, all resisted members of NRNA Thailand, artists20170806_150951, media representatives, volunteers and well-wishers,  before he dissolved his committee. He said without overwhelming support from all, he could not achieve what was heard and seen in the general assembly.

20621058_351190778648307_7241401310236889595_nThe entire event was conducted by NRNA Thailand spokesperson Jaswani Rana and Sarisa Khanal respectively as an English and Thai emcee who briefly introduced about NRNA and its goal and structures while running the event.

20638179_351190378648347_2157497583545142847_nNewly elected president Awale announced that his team will continue to complete the projects started by the previous leadership. He committed to fund raise to meet the target of 20 million rupees capital for Civil Scholarship Fund in which 5 million has been already raised. He also announced Ganesh Prasad Khanal as spokesperson of NCC.

Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) was established with the purpose of uniting and binding the Nepali Diaspora under one umbrella on 11 October, 2003. In the course of completing 12 years of its existence NRNA has developed into a non-governmental global organization and a network of Nepali origin by establishing National Offices in 76 countries to represent roughly 6 million Nepalese around the world. It represents their interests, concerns and commitments.

The network of Nepali Diaspora represented by NRNA has developed itself into a formidable force that can represent Nepali interest globally. Keeping all these in mind, the Government of Nepal has given legal status to Nepali Diaspora by promulgating Non-Resident Nepali Act 2064 and NRNA has been registered at Foreign Ministry of Nepal. For practical purposes Nepali citizens living outside South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) member countries for more than two years or People of Nepali Origin (PNO) holding foreign nationality other than SAARC nations are considered as NRNs.

NRNA Thailand is one of the 76 National Chapters of NRNA. It has 3 regional committees named South Region Coordination Comittee, North Region Coordination Comittee and Central Region Coordination Comittee under the National Coordination Council that is the highest executive body of NRNA Thailand. It has been active in Thailand since 2003 under the patronage of Embassy of Nepal. It has contributed to bring the Thailand Nepal friendship and cooperation to the next level being the one and only officially recognized organization of Nepali and people of Nepali origin in Thailand.

Rabi Maharjan
General Secretary
NRNA Thailand

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